War RobotsSalat satu tim berhasil membantai tim yang lainnya. Setiap tim ada 6 pemain dan di tiap arena terdapat five pos yang bisa sobat taklukkan.

DARPA just invented the Square Wheel…..Cost is half that of any normal round wheel. Downside is it will only run on unique roads at a cost of billions. NASA in the 60’s invented a Ball Point Pen that could create upside down and in the vacuum of space,the Russians applied a Lead Pencil. Now DARPA have Invented the Robo Mule or Huge Dog……can you see a pattern emerging. The British use 1 sentence to people with such fool hardy tips, ‘Please shut the door behind you when you leave’…..but it really is your tax payers cash there wasting not mine.

With the dream of joining the LFO (Light Finding Operation) aircraft group he idolizes the most someday, Renton Thurston has lived his days desiring of a alter that would make his dream a reality. 1 day, an LFO known as the Nirvash TypeZERO crashed into his grandfather’s workshop to attempt to get a fix. From the cockpit emerged a beautiful girl named Eureka who is in fact a member of an LFO group and is currently getting pursued by some assailants. Finding caught up in the heat of the circumstance, Renton gets himself fully involved till in a twist of the moment, he suddenly finds himself as the newest member of the group he wanted to join the most – Gekkostate!

With the optimistic view above by David Winston… When it comes to Wars of Suggestions and Photos and creating propaganda information effective, the Army has a diverse point of view as to What the Media is supposed to and be applied for. I will cull from their report some excerpt to further elucidate this point coming from the Army And the Contemporary Media.

As for the improvement of robot soldiers, despite decades of intensive analysis and continuous breakthroughs in robotics, the progress in developing autonomous military robots has been surprisingly slow. Several projects funded by the Defense Sophisticated Study Projects Agency (DARPA) have resulted in humanoid robot prototypes , but they lack the portable power source and intelligence that would permit them to act beyond very restricted non-combat roles.