3D RoboticsThe robust new Solo app (for iOS and Android) tends to make it easy to get the most out of Solo’s wise functions. Stream reside video to your mobile device and delight in sophisticated camera and copter manage, generally with the push of a button.

A new tool-totally free, three-axis gimbal allows for fine control of the camera position whilst supplying battery energy to the GoPro. Its onboard smarts will rotate the Solo’s position to support ensure it has a clear view even though recording, rather of catching an edge of the landing gear. The technique also gives a increase to the Wi-Fi direct video stream, supplying a variety of about half a mile (just slightly less than the full RC transmitter range).

Thanks to GPS and an ARM Cortex-powered flight pc not only is autonomous flying possible, the IRIS+ can also land itself automatically at the press of a button, or fly back to a pre-specified house point really should make contact with with the transmitter be lost or if the battery drops under a particular threshold. It also enables GPS tracking, whereby the IRIS+ will follow a topic on the ground who is carrying a GPS-enabled Android device.

GoldenEye 007: Reloaded has been updated for the 21st century with HD graphics, far more characters, added gameplay modes, multiplayer customization, and most importantly for readers here PlayStation Move help. And for all you nostalgic players out there the classic split-screen multiplayer is back with a number of classic game modes such as: Golden Gun, Melee Only, and Paintball.

This hub aims to give a basic overview of modern domotics / home automation, aimed at those with restricted or no know-how of the topic, as properly as a gateway for anyone interested in the subject to access the greatest resources to learn additional. More than time I hope to make a absolutely free online course in domotics, with this report as the initially section.