Human Machine InterfaceHMI stands for Human Machine Interface. This is the interface involving the operator and the controller.

Simply because of our technologies, we now have a world in which the circumstance of mankind has completely changed. What I imply by that is: mankind in the technological world is ready to give up his independence in exchange for all sorts of facilities and in exchange for customer solutions and a specific safety. In quick, in exchange for a package of welfare provisions provided to him by society. As I was considering about that I could not enable recalling the story in the Bible about Esau and the lentil broth.

It is not surprising that the most high tech countries have the cleanest air and purest water. The Facts Revolution is also fostering peaceful cooperation between persons by decentralizing energy. Currently tyrants and demagogues are disempowered due to the fact their subjects can communicate directly with one one more through the planet wide net, satellite communications, etc.

How substantially it matters to us that our ends are transformed by our media depends on no matter whether such transformations look to us to be in general harmony with our overall intentions: ‘side-effects’ can, of course, be ‘positive’ as effectively as ‘negative’. But we are seldom (if ever) so detached in our use of media that we can assess the phenomenon in all of its complexity.

At initial such philosophical ideas may possibly look far removed from commanding your television with your voice or gesture employing the Kinect, but a appear at science fiction proves that such technological devices have extended been married to each revolution and the spirit planet. 1 example is the ‘weirding way’ from Frank Herbet’s Dune novel series.