Electric AutomationEstablished in 1986, concurrently held with EP China 2016, the biggest and the most authoritative occasion organized by China Electricity Council, a consolidation of all China’s power enterprises and institutions, EPA 2016 (Electric Power Automation show) is the Frist time to use the complete exhibition center, total 10 halls and the exhibiting scale will expand to 40,000sqm and it is expected to attract 900 exhibitors and more than 30,000 qualified trade visitors from all over China and overseas.

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E&A is replaced by Schneider Electric a contract to secondary technical reconstruction of two blocks of a medium-voltage switchgear, consisting of 2 incoming feeders, two couplings and ten outgoing feeders. An electrical and automation engineer generally operates in a higher-tech organization in tasks involving planning and expertise, and later, as expertise mounts, in several supervisory tasks. Such tasks are accessible in production facilities, design and consulting offices and organizations specializing in software program and hardware sales.

Friendly artificial intelligence – an artificial intelligence that has a constructive rather than unfavorable effect on humanity, and the field of knowledge essential to create such an artificial intelligence. Magelis powered by Vijeo Designer, a complete variety to monitor and manage your machines. Keep connected with Vijeo Design’Air, the new application for tablets and intelligent phones. Hence a sharp chainsaw produces strips or chips of wood and not fine sawdust like a common saw. Also the reduce is really wide (the width of the cutting edge). Alternatively: Take an even less complicated route and acquire or rent a intelligent home that’s currently kitted out with all the most up-to-date technologies!