Human Machine InterfaceIn this Abinsula aims with their professionalism in the field of HMI (Human machine interface) and the user encounter.

That is why, above, I pointed out to the fact that Clear Channel disdains and destroys African culture and its attendant features. The partial tech history provided above by Postman provides us just adequate to commence to understand how and why Clear Channel is operating and behaving as it does in nations like South Afirca. It has no interest in neighborhood or indigenous cultures, languages, music and so forth. It often wants or is programmed by its beginnings/history to impose its interests, ideas, its applications and its way how it was conceived/functioned centuries ago, as traced by Postman above.

The most demonized individuals in the media are Africans, Hispanics and other minorities, and from these groups, those who are consciously African or Hispanic or otherwise who provide the truth are either dismissed and or ignored, and their books, blogs and articles not read since they supply truthful and are unrelenting critiques of European hegemonic institutions white supremacy.

the Clinton administration established the Gore Commission to suggest public service specifications to be met by broadcasters in return for this gift. Following the contours of US media politics, the Gore Commission has been tiny short of a farce, with many business members stonewalling all but the lamest proposals. But we can hope that the Gore Commission will produce some much more significant public service proposals, and provide the basis for a public education campaign and subsequent legislation to give them the force of law.

We are also encouraged to trust the supposedly neutral judgement of technical specialists and ‘experts’. Our function as accountable forward-searching citizens is to accept, adjust and adapt without protest to the new technologies as a truth of life. As Raymond Williams puts it, ‘if technologies is a bring about, we can at very best modify or seek to handle its effects’ (1990, p. 10). We are not totally free to accept or reject technological developments.