Robotics DefinitionRobots are now widely utilised in factories to carry out higher-precision jobs such as welding and riveting. They are also used in specific scenarios that would be hazardous for humans – for instance, in cleaning toxic wastes or defusing bombs.

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Maria Antonia – Thank you for your type encouragement and widespread sharing. Despite the fact that I am not an engineer myself (I am an industrial/organizational psychologist by education).. my husband and brother are chemical engineers in different industries and Really like their careers, my cousin is a civil engineer, my late father-in-law was an electrical engineer, and my teenage daughter is attending a high school Governor’s Academy for Engineering Studies (rock on engineering girls, rock on). Neither she nor imagined she would appreciate it this significantly. I am deeply committed to STEM education and hope a lot more young individuals – male and female – will open their eyes to the wonder this field has to offer.

The main aim of this write-up is to supply a concise overview of this young but stimulating field with some introductions of enabling technologies and conceptual problems. In distinct, we try to identify the crucial improvement and challenges of enabling technologies of soft robotics, on best of which we argue the implications and perspectives toward the future.

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