3 Laws Of RoboticsBy way of 1st QTR 2014, Truck Driving and Registered Nursing – like Nurse Practitioners – became the Prime Higher Demand Jobs in the the beginning of 4th QTR 2014, Truck Driving was nevertheless Quantity One particular. The very same was correct by April 2015.

But our use of technology is not the only culprit right here, there is a different. And one such perpetrator is company. Let’s face it, company is very impersonal, particularly when we seek to maximize profits and maximizing earnings is the ethic of the day. For when profit is king, people are pawns. And being pawns means that we are the most disposable piece in the game. And the additional expendable folks are, the a lot more our humanity becomes moot.

The idea that sales jobs, or any job that demands human interaction, will not be replaced mainly because persons will need to interact with each and every other is a single of vanity. The reality is that thirty or forty years ago, switchboards had been manned by dozens of people at massive corporations, the notion being that people would not speak to an automatic switchboard. They will and they do. When folks will need a solution, there is no cause why they will not interact with a robot.

At this point, you will either get in touch with me crazy or start to see that the Bible isn’t as confusing as we have been led to believe. We have only, even so, scratched the surface. I would encourage you to continue. I will share far more if you like. But as often, I would recommend one keeps an open heart, and soon after we have looked at this and the subsequent verses, you would go to the Lord and ask Him if what I’m saying is correct.

This new breed of activists stands poised along our data highways waging war on logos and symbols. They are Culture Jammers and their mission is to artfully reclaim our mental environment and bring about a bit of brand damage to corporate mindshare. Eventually Culture Jammers wage a war of meaning. The verdict of public perception lies in a battle amongst billion dollar PR campaigns and guerrilla techniques of rebel activists.