3D RoboticsYour drone can go much additional than just receiving cool shots: It gives you the full Hollywood toolkit as software — an automatic crane, dolly, jib, boom, slider, tripod and, of course, helicopter. In a backpack.

It took about a full evening of looking by way of the components and finding acclimated to everything to get the X8 all set up. There was no soldering, just screwing. 1 of the trickiest parts was the little rings that are integrated with the props. The thinner rings seemed too loose on the motor shaft and the thicker rings seem also tight. I ended up figuring out the thinner rings had been the right ones for the props.

It’s this uncomplicated: Once Solo is in the air, point the camera at the object you want to film. Press the assigned Orbit” button and the camera stays fixed on the object. The copter is now locked into a circle about the object. Now control the speed and path of Solo’s orbit and capture perfectly smooth wraparound shots with no uneven or jerky movements—or tap play” and Solo will do it all.

Meanwhile I was designing the robot parts. I assume two defferent designs, one particular H-Bot and another with three motors. Ultimately I decided to use the three motor design (two for the Y axis and 1 for the X axis). Soon after a number of design and style iterations of the pieces, and some material changes to decrease the weight and inertia (and thus enhance the accelerations of the robot) I got a fairly operational design. A single of the most essential adjust is the replace of the X axis rods with carbon tubes ones (from kites) that performs extremely nicely on PLA printed bushings and save a lot of weight.

The fight then boils down to characteristics, assistance, and individual preference. Having not laid my hands on either product, I will leave it to our readers to hash it out with their own speculations and private experiences. Only a single thing is for positive — the gap between amateur and specialist aerial video rigs is about to grow to be significantly narrower.