Military RobotsI propose a Giant Walking Robot for border patrol and for robotic surveillance of vital infrastructure or military bases. I propose that these units be at very first run tele-robotically like the Predator Drones and eventually right after the DARPA Challenge II completely autonomously immediately after that technology comes on line. Till then these units will have command and control centers manned with operators.

The use of robots in warfare had its origins back in World War II. The Germans used a remote controlled military robot referred to as Goliath, a track mine or demolition automobile that with its 200 pounds of higher-powered explosives could destroy tanks, buildings, bridges and kill multitudes of individuals. The Soviet Union developed a series of wireless remote-controlled unmanned robotic tanks named Teletanks in 1930s and the early 1940s, each of which saw some action in combat through the war.

This attitude will inevitably lead to mass unrest and polarisations, and possibly to a new excellent war, somewhere about 2020. But first the stock markets will make an awful crash in 2017. It’s not so tough to predict when you smarter than typical. All the signs are there for people who have eyes to see. But sadly most people do not appear to see the inevitable.

One more connected technologies that I found stimulating, is anything called Brain Gate which is an interfacing device that is about the size of aspirin and will enable a individual potential to control other devices such as a computer. It was created by a corporation known as Cybernetics. Related ideas have been explored by the Defense Advanced Study Projects Agency (or DRPA). They have partially funded Brown University in researching technology that would enable a pilot” to control their aircraft with their mind alone! Yep, the reality of The Matrix” is appropriate about the corner!

As this still demands a surgeon to manipulate the arms and also to wiled the instruments, surgeons realised that in spite of the minimally invasive nature and benefits of reduced scarring and reduced tissue manipulation, it was hard to eliminate the lack of biofeedback, any natural tremor that may possibly come from holding the instrument for a extended time in awkward positions.