Liquid RoboticsYesterday (07/19/2012) i went to attend the Bay area all JUG occasion at Oracle with James Gosling ” exactly where all the JUGs (Java User Groups) in the bay area had gathered for an evening of socializing and to hear to James Gosling speak at the Oracle campus in Santa Clara.

In the past attempts of making three-D chips, scientist were just generating a stack of typical processors. But at University of Rochesterb it was made and constructed particularly to optimize all important processing functions vertically, via several layers of processors, the identical way ordinary chips optimize functions horizontally.

when i drive i have a wheel wobble, and sometimes it sounds like a dull clicking sound on my drivers side front wheel. i took it to a shop and got it inspected and got the decrease tie rod of the cv joint fixed, but on the passenger side wheel, they mentioned the wheel looked mechanically fine. it nonetheless wobbles often, but i havent heard the noise come back however, the wobble can get pretty poor from time to time and i feel it in the steering wheel going back and forth about half an inch. is this just tire being off balance or uneven tread wear? the tread doesnt look undesirable. ive also had an alignment carried out final week. thanks!!

In 2012 the company has unveiled the QBotix Tracking Program (QTS), a extensive dual-axis tracking system that employs rugged, intelligent and mobile robots to dynamically operate solar power plants and maximize power output. QTS gives the greater overall performance and power output of dual-axis tracking at traditional single-axis tracking rates. QTS increases the power production of ground-mounted solar power plants by up to 40 % over current fixed mount systems and lowers the Levelized Cost of Electricity (LCOE) by up to 20 %. In addition, QTS provides quickly installation, has low operations and upkeep expenses, and is compatible with all solar panels and mounting foundations.

In December 2012 PacX Wave Glider named Papa Mau”, completed his 9,000 nautical mile (16,668 kilometers) scientific journey across the Pacific Ocean to set a new planet record for the longest distance traveled by an autonomous automobile. Throughout his journey, Papa Mau navigated along a prescribed route under autonomous control collecting and transmitting unprecedented amounts of higher-resolution ocean data never ever ahead of obtainable over these vast distances or time frames.